Aird - Young Adult Womens Group

A group of young Adult Women in their 20s and 30s who love God, enjoy catching up together and exploring the Word of God.

Alcock - Bible Study Mixed

A bible study and prayer group who want to grow in God and connect with others.

Amiradaki - Women's Group

We are a women's group who meet fortnightly to study the Word and connect and discuss with each other. We'd love to have you along!

Antcliff - Young Adults Group

A fun faith filled connect group for young adults 18 - 25.

Antolin -Mixed Group

A group that aims to grow in faith, study the Bible, build friendships, and do life together

Austin - Coffee Connect

We would love you to join us for coffee and chats about all things God and life, as we do life together.

Baker- Activity/Interest Group

We are a social support group for parents/carers of children with disabilities (aged under 12). Parents and children can come together to enjoy a variety of fun activities and outings. We meet monthly on a Saturday from 10AM-12PM location will vary.

Banner - Activity/Interest Group

Women's Bushwalking. Different bush walks in Kuring-gai National Park area. Varying difficulty and duration.

Barrett - Business Group

Pathfinders business men's connect group meeting online and once a month in person. All welcome - current regular members aged 40-65 yrs. We study a chapter of the new testament each week and then have discussion.

Beecher - Business Group

We're a men's connect group of all ages. The group has been going for 10 years now and It's just as much a bunch of fun-loving men hanging out and building relationships together as when it first began! Running online in this season.

Bennett - Mixed Group

Enjoy a fortnightly gathering to experience an uplifting connection with our Father and every 6 weeks a relaxed group supper.

Borbon - Family group

We are passionate about doing life with people, learning more about God together and growing others into all they are meant to be in His House.

Bornstein - Mixed Group

A praise and worship connect group. We meet to worship the Lord and pray every week. All welcome.

Broadhead - Men's Group

Mens Connect Group for all ages meets fortnightly on Thursday nights.

Busch - Mixed Group

We are a connect group that meets fortnightly in Avalon for ages 45+. We would love for you to come along!

C3W - Young Adults Group

We are about deepening our relationship with our amazing God through His Word - understanding His heart, learning how to navigate your Bible, unpacking the depth of Scripture, prayer & fellowship! Every Tuesday except 1st week of month.

Calodoukas - Mixed Group

A group of singles and marrieds in their 30s & 40s. It is a social connect group that also focuses on worship, prophecy and discuss the church message from that week.

Calodoukas - Women's Group

This connect group is for established business’ to startup/ideas - all are welcome no matter what stage you are at. Our goal is to connect and strengthen women in business to reach their full potential and influence the business world for God’s glory.

Cameron - Young Adult's Group

We are a connect group for 21-29 year old women with a heart to build friendships over great food, wine, prayer and the word! Our heart is that we would �encourage one another and build each other up� as we journey through life together.

Carpenter - Women's Group

We are a women’s group who meet together to support each other and do life together. We share what’s going on in our lives, study the word and pray together. Women of all ages welcome.

Cassidy - Men's Group

This men's connect group is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month 8:30am at the Long Reef Golf Club. We fellowship and have breakfast together.

Chandler - Family Group

Come join us for a surf and play on beaches, most likely around Palm Beach or North Avalon! We teach our kids to surf and gather as families every fortnight. Reach out to come join in on the fun!

Clark R - Mixed Group

Mixed Motorcycle Group for ages 30 and up. We meet together and hit the road. Driving up and down the coast, grabbing a coffee, great adventures and life changing conversations.

Connell - Mixed Group

We meet every 2nd Monday night to catch up over great coffee, to pray, and to digest the weekends message. General age range 40-60 and based at Wahroonga location.

Cooper - Men's Business Group

A group for emerging Christian professionals. Our mission is to provide environment that strengthens, encourages and challenges you to thrive and be fruitful in your sector of the business world.

Csokas & Oxford - Women's Group

Sharing our hopes and dreams.

Dear - Mixed Group

Our connect group is for men & women in their mid-20s to mid-30s who love getting into the Word together and creating space for prayer & prophecy. Our heart is to see people grow in their spiritual gifts, have a safe place to be vulnerable, and see God to

Dibley - Family Group

Families connect group, 25-40yrs. We do life together! Our connect group is made up of many different families, coming together with a deep desire to see our children grow up loving Jesus. We meet as families but also as mums and dads.

Ditchfield - Men's Group

We are a Young Adults Men's groups running out of OXF, We come together Pray, read the word and do life together.

Duquilla - Mixed Group

We love people and we enjoy doing life with them and we love celebrating their steps.

Emmanuel - Mixed Group

This connect group is for couples and working professionals. We meet to study the bible, pray and hangout.

Fab Lifestyle

Women doing life together, growing in relationship with each other and their community.

Field - Mixed Group

Friendships, faith and life. Gathering around the Word, prayer and food.

Forsyth - Business Group

We are a men's business group meeting fortnightly online. We love to encourage each other in prayer and through the Word of God for our personal lives and businesses.

Forsyth J - Women's Group

Meets once a month Most of us are over 70 but full of life! I start off each meeting but everyone shares life with one another.

Fourie - Mixed Group

Mixed Connect Group for 40's plus. We run it as a couple focusing on worship and teaching from the Word. Couples and singles.

Friedmann - Men's Group

We are a Men’s group that focus on the Word, connection with God and with each other.

Gadsby - Women's Group

A connect group for mums. Held Monday fortnightly in Terry Hills.

Gieschen - Mixed Group

Mixed Group late 20s to early 30s

Goodwin - Women's Group

Fornightly we meet for good chats & laugh - a lot. We love God, getting into His word. Our focus is on sharing & encouraging each other wherever we're at in the faith journey. Ages 25-35

Goosen - Men's Group

We are a men's connect group that meets every second Thursday evening. We focus on God, His word, and doing life well. We look forward to seeing you.

Griese - Men's Group

Men's ministry group of mixed ages & backgrounds, meeting fortnightly on Zoom. Join us for a message, prayer and good times.

Grover - Young Adults Group

A female connect group for young adults aged 18-22yrs old. We love meeting together once a fortnight to chat, share scripture and pray for one another. A fun, encouraging group of young adult women!

Hammond - Mixed Group

A group for young adults married or single looking for connection and a chance to study the bible together. Come hang with us!

Handley - Men's Group

General group for men aged 45+ running at Tastebuds Terry Hills once a month.

Harry - Women's Group

We are a group of women aged 40-60s who enjoy gaining inspiration for life from God’s Word and from connecting with each other.

Hedges - Men's Group

Our Men’s Connect Group is open for all ages. We come together for fellowship, a bible study & prayer.

Hickson - Family Group

Family friendly connect group, open to all. Join us for fun make some friends and be encouraged in your Christian life.

Inkster - Mixed Group

Richard & Deborah Inkster Mixed Connect Group 1st & 3rd Thursday of month.

Jarry - Mixed Group

We are a mixed connect group for anyone over the age of 50 years old. We pray for each other, our spouses, our children and grandchildren. God always hears our prayers. We have had miraculous healing in our group and are welcoming of anyone interested.

John - Mixed Couples Connect

A mixed group for couples to be empowered - meeting online during this season

Jones - Mixed Group

This connect group is focused around Worship, We come together once a month to spend time in the presence of God. Come one come all.

Kardash - Women's Group

We meet weekly to study and discuss God's Word, pray together and do life together! We'd love to meet you, come along!

Kerrison - Mixed Group

Mixed group ages 25-30 with wonderful people, great vibes, cheeky glass of wine and lots of love.

Kupu - Men's Deep Connect

Men's multigenerational connect group for intergenerational mateship! Whaaat! Meeting fortnightly on a Wednesday night.

Leung - Women's Group

A group for young women 21+ held in Manly fortnightly. We would love to meet you!

Leung - Young Adults Group

Guys connect group (all between 19 � 24yr). We are fun, social, prayer and word- focused.

Lim & Tracey - Mixed Group

Living life to the full, hearts for missions and for Prayer. Luncheon group at Hunters Hill or Concord.

Lovell - Women's Group

We are a 30-50yo connect group that runs fortnightly on a Wednesday evening. We eat, study the bible and pray together.

MacDonald - Family Group

A family group for anyone with children looking to find connection at church. We meet the last week of every month in Mona Vale. We'd love you to join us!

Maconachie - Mixed Group

We are a Mixed Connect Group for people to grow in Christ and community. All welcome.

Madani - Business Group

Mens Pathfinders/ Business Group based in the CBD, Wynyard. This group consists of Male business professionals. We focus on building a strong community in the city for people to share their professional, family and personal life with peers. Meeting onli

Manduri/Pitna - Men's Curry Connect

We love our food and we love to connect - especially online weekly during this season

McCudden - Mixed Group

My wife Anja and I run this fortnightly CG for 40-60's - younger age groups are welcome. We support each other and grow in knowledge of our Great God together. A great place for good chats.

McDonald - Men's Group

We are a Mens group running fortnightly online Saturday mornings.

McKune - Women's Group

We are a young women�s group meeting Wednesday nights fortnightly on the North Shore. We discuss life, the Bible and pray together. Would love to have you join us!

McLeod - Young Adults

Mikac - Men's Group

Cycling Men's Group that meets every Saturday to ride together across the Northern Beaches, We finish with fellowship and Coffee.

Naikelekele - Mixed Group

Meets online every fortnight Friday or Saturday. Pacific Islanders group of mostly Fijian women. We are open to other nationalities also. Women between age 40 to 70. We enjoy encouraging and supporting each other.

Neilson - Mixed Group

We are a social connect group for adults 25-40. We meet online talking about God and whatever else come up!

Nesbitt - Mixed Group

Our Connect Group will be meeting on first Monday of the month.

Newman - Men's Group

A bible study group for men doing life together.

Newman - Women's Group

A bible study and prayer group for women who want to grow in God and connect with others.

Nyamhunga - Mix and Match Connect

A passion filled mixed connect group for all ages - meeting weekly online during this season

O'Sullivans - Men's Group

Our men's connect for ages 35-55 runs every second Thursday evening.

Outreach Group

We are a connect group that meet fortnightly in Asquith. We welcome people of all ages, single or married or otherwise, just as long as you have breath in your lungs and are hungry of the liberating Word of God, as well as the occasional home cooked meal.

Perini - Men's Group

Our connect group is a gathering of great guys getting together at my place for some discussions about Christian life and plenty of prayer and worship. We�ve focused on building a group in which everyone knows they are part of a family.

Pesenti - Men's Group

Our Connect is social focussing mostly around activities for men 40-60s. We love getting out and about and doing life with one another. We meet once a month on Saturday 8 am and once a month for dinner In restaurants( not always same night) 6:30 pm

Petereit - Mixed Group

Mixed Connect Group

Ponting - Women's Group

A group for women that focuses on health and freedom from the body battle. A supportive and encouraging community of women who delve into the word and prayer with each other.

Poulsen - Women's Group

We meet at 10am every Tuesday at any beach or headland between Palm Beach and Manly. We walk for about an hour and then pray for the persecuted church around the world, Presence Conference and everything else that's going on in life.

Prassopoulos - Men's Group

We are a Men's Connect Group. Aimed at business men looking to pray, reading The Bible and fellow-shipping together.

Rajakumar & Odilao - New Mothers Group

New mums looking to find support and new friendship. * Dads and support person welcome

Reardon - Men's Group

Mens Group. Early breakfast at Bunker Bean on western side of Hornsby train station.

Reardon - Women's Group

Womens Group - 55+ at Jacqueline Wright's home in Wahroonga. Bring a plate to share for brunch.

Roe - Men's Group

My Group is for men 55 years +. We meet at my unit every fortnight on Thursday evening at 7 pm to 9 pm.

Roze - Mixed Group

The group is run by myself and my wife Becca. It is mixed group, containing a combination of single and married people. Come along for tea/coffee & nibbles before diving into The Word and prayer!

Sammons- Women's Group

We are a community of women between the ages of 25 - 35 who are in all different stages of life. Some of us attend college or uni, working, married and single but what we have in common is that we love spending time with each other letting God work.

Scherrer - Women's Group

We're women in our 30-60's. Our interests are varied and we are very much an open group welcoming any women who want to connect with other women in pursuit of Godliness.

Shohmelian - Mum's Connect

A fun group for local Parramatta mums and bubs to get together for brunch and playtime.

Shohmelian - Prayer Connect

Our prayer connect is a group which meets to pray for our city, our congregation and for each other

Small - Men's Group

Business Men�s Breakfast 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month 7.30am in the City � Coffee, Egg & Bacon Rolls supplied. Learning together how to live God�s ways as our ways.

Small - Mixed Group

"Truth and Freedom" at St Ives first Tuesday of the month at 9am or 7pm.

Small - Women's Group

Women's group meeting at St Ives first Thursday of the month at 9am.

Snowden - Mixed Group

Mixed group of young adults meeting fortnightly on Wednesday evenings. Chill vibes, real talk and real people, with dinner and Bible study thrown in!

Spalding - Young Adults Group

A mixed group for young adults/adults based out of C3 SYD Manly. Based in Balgowlah.

Stein - Mixed Group

A group for Young Adults.

Sweet - Men's Group

Mens Connect group for 50s plus men. We meet in a Manly café for coffee/breakfast share life together and encourage one another over the word of God

T Cooper - Men's Group

A men's group for ages 25+ meeting every weekly to chat and encourage one another.

Thorn - Mixed Prayer Group

We meet at the Baptist Church in Avalon to pray for each other, our church, our people and our community! All are welcome, we'd love to have you!

Thornton - Mixed Group

Mixed Group for anyone in their 40's -50's

Topper- Women's Group

A weekend connect for ladies 45+ expats or anyone looking for new friendships and fellowship. We alternate meeting online and in person Sundays 8:30AM.

Trestrail- Business Group

A connect group for anyone who has a cutting edge side hustle or a rapidly growing start-up business to meet like-minded Christians working in business.

Underwood - Mixed Group

Connect and lunch at the Underwoods in Wahroonga after Sunday service.

Uwadiae - Mixed Group

Mixed, Community, Faith, Culture, Inspiring each other to live for Jesus.

Wahroonga - Bikers

Come join us on our monthly gathering for a ride, coffee, breakfast & chat. Meet outside C3 SYD Wahroonga at the "Bush School", Burns Rd.

Wahroonga - Prayer Group

Prayer Group meeting every Friday morning.

Weekes- Activity Group

A cycling connect for ladies in their 40-50's weekly on Saturday afternoons. We take the cyclepath at Narrabeen lagoon stop for coffee and then cycle back finish time usually 4:30pm.

Wing - Mixed Group

Fun, enjoyable group of 35-55 year olds. Male and female , married or single. Meeting together fortnightly Wednesdays.

Wittstock - Worship Group

Worship music connect. Connecting with each other through food and fellowship and connecting with Abba Father through worship.

Wood & Wong - Mixed

We do life together by getting into the word, deepening our faith and serving our community over food and adventures.

Wood - Men's Group

This group has a business focus and we meet in Mona Vale for fellowship, prayer and encouragement. We'd love for you to join us.

Wood - Mixed Group

We are a Mixed Connect Group who love encountering God with prayer, a shared word, fellowship. Welcome to anyone interested in coming along.

Wroe - Women's Group

A group for women over age 35 that are working or in business

Wroe- Mixed Group

Wroe Mixed Connect Group

Yasar - Young Adults Connect

Fun group of young adults that love life and love God! meeting weekly online during this season

Year 10-12 Boys SLW

Year 10-12 Boys SLW Connect Group

Year 10-12 Boys WAH

Year 10-12 Boys WAH CG

Year 10-12 Girls SLW

Year 10-12 Girls SLW Connect Group

Year 10-12 Girls WAH

Year 10-12 Girls WAH CG

Year 7 Girls OXF

Year 7-12 Boys & Girls MOS

Year 7-12 Boys & Girls MOS Connect Group

Year 7-12 Boys AVA

Boys Year 7-12 Connect Group on every Sunday.

Year 7-12 Boys PARA

Year 7-12 Boys PARA Connect Group

Year 7-12 Girls AVA

Girls Year 7-12 Connect Group on every Sunday.

Year 7-12 Girls PARA

Year 7-12 Girls PARA Connect Group

Year 7-8 Boys OXF

Year 7 Boys OXF Connect Group

Year 7-9 Boys SLW

Year 7-9 Boys SLW

Year 7-9 Boys WAH

Year 7-9 Boys WAH CG

Year 7-9 Girls SLW

Year 7-9 Girls SLW Connect Group

Year 7-9 Girls WAH

Year 7-9 Girls WAH CG

Year 9-10 Boys OXF

Year 8/9 Boys OXF connect group

Youth Unallocated